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Dr. Kenneth West Sr., Pastor

 June 30, 2013


Colossians 2:6-15


GOAL:  The student is able to identify the warning and accept the charges presented in the text.


INDICATOR:  The student  identify and guard against contemporary attempts to diminish their perfection in Christ as they continue to grow in Him.




1)    Read and discuss verses 6-8.

a)     Paul uses the work “walk” (Greek peripateo) meaning to “live,” “regulate one’s life,” and “conduct one’s self” (see:  Colossians 1:10)

b)    Paul uses metaphors from botany, construction and law to illustrate the establishment and progression of the Christian walk (see page 180).

c)     Verse 7 speaks of an overflowing of gratitude; what was the cause?  Are contemporary Christians affected by this/these same causes?  If not, why not?  If so, doe it still produce an overflowing of gratitude?  Can you think of any examples of this overflow of gratitude?

d)    Note that even after pointing out the saints are rooted, built up and established; Paul warns them about being drawn away.  False teachers still exist today.  We need to heed this warning too.


2)    Read and discuss verses 9-15.

a)     In verse 9 Paul counters any notion or teaching that Jesus was anything less than fully man and fully God.

b)    Take note of how many time the pronouns “He” and “Him” are used in verses 9-12.

c)     List on the board all the specific benefits believers are afforded because of what Christ has done.


3)    Look at the outline for Colossians in the Commentary at the bottom of page 135.  Verses 6-8 fit, seem to fit under part two of the outline and verses 9-15 seem to fit under part I.  Would you agree with this statement?

4)    Close class with a prayer for spiritual steadfastness in the face of false teachings and for a heart of true gratitude for the benefits we are afforded through union with Christ.



1)    We’ve been made complete.

2)    We’ve been circumcised of the flesh.

3)    We’ve been buried and resurrected (baptized) from the dead.

4)    We’ve been forgiven of our transgressions.

5)    We’ve had our debt cancelled.

6)    To God Be The Glory!!