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Dr. Kenneth West Sr., Pastor


January 26, 2013



“As you sent Me into the world I have sent them into the world” 

(See: John 17:18 NIV)

Last week we looked at how God wants us to have a Ministry in the church where we serve other believers.  This week we’ll look at how God has given us a MISSION in the world where we share with unbelievers.

EVANGELISM:  This is a word that sometimes scars other believers.  Hopefully, after we’ve discovered its true meaning and our God given responsibility, we will overcome this hurdle.

EVANGELISM:  Means “Good News” in the Greek.

“The same mission that Christ had in helping people find God,  He now has given to us.  Your Mission is to pass on to others the same Good News about God’s love that somebody did to you.  Since someone brought the Good News to you, God now wants you to share that Good News with others.  That’s your Mission.” (Warren)


1ST -  Your own personal relationship with Jesus.

2nd -  Loving people enough to share God’s Good News.

You are not to do this alone.  We as a church are partners in this endeavor.

(See:  I Corinthians 3:9)

Let’s look at how our Sunday School group and our church as a whole can reach out in love to those who don’t know Jesus.  (See:  Luke 5:17-26


1.     They became concerned for their hurting friend.  They cared enough for a helpless friend to do something about his pain.

Compassion is not just a feeling it’s love in action.  Love is an absolute must in sharing the Good News.

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

When people know you genuinely care for them, they are far more open to hear the Good News about Jesus Christ.  (See:  Romans 15:2)

Spend time around and with non- Christians.  “The longer you are a Christian, the fewer non-Christians you tend to know because you spend most of your time around Christians.”

You have to be intentional and reach out to people who are not believers.” (Warren)

AN EXAMPLE:  There is a Sunday School group that likes to go to football games together.  They each brought season tickets.  The group pitched in and bought two extra season tickets.  They would invite a non-Christian couple to join them in going to the game.  At the end of the game when everyone prepared to go home they would invite the couple to join them at their Bible Study class.  This group has introduced twenty couples to Christ in this way.


(Take some time to do this and see what you come up with)

(See: Colossians 4:3)


1st :  Pray that God will soften your heart and give you a real love with unbelievers you come into contact with.

2nd:  Pray that God will give you and your group opportunities to invite others to your church events and to share the Good News about Christ.

3rd:  Pray that God will soften the unbeliever’s heart.  (Many times he does this through problems and pain.

2.     They believed that Jesus would save their friend.   (See:  Luke 5:20)

“When Jesus saw their faith…”

This man was paralyzed.  He needed others to bring him to Jesus.  He couldn’t get there on his own.  This is the way it is for many others.

“There are people all around us who are paralyzed by fear, or loneliness, or guilt, or their circumstances and problems.  They cannot get to Jesus on their own.  They need us to bring them to Jesus.” (Warren)


3.     …they brought him to Jesus.   This is a principle of action.  (See:  Matthew 9:2)

(See:  Colossians 4:5)

Make the most of every opportunity.

QUESTION:  Do you look for opportunities to share your faith?  Do you look for opportunities to invite people to church, to your small group or ministry?

One Christian said this:  “My life is my witness.  I don’t talk about it.  I just live it.”

Do you realize that even Jesus had to tell people how to be saved and He was perfect.

“God wants us to be audio-visual Christians.”  He wants you to walk the walk and talk the talk.” (Warren)

You must live it and you must say it.  You must be audio and you must be visual.

See:  Luke 14:23

We’re not to sit back and wait for people to come to church.  The Bible says go after them and bring them in.


Suggest a name of a non-believing co-worker, friend, neighbor, or relative who you would like for your entire group to pray for.  Begin to pray for them also pray for the courage to invite them to church this week.

As a group plan a special event you can invite them to.

4.     They didn’t let difficulties discourage them.  The door was blocked by the crowd.

Their efforts were risky, bold, unused, and costly because someone would have to pay for the roof but it was also worth it.

QUESTION:  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to reach people for Jesus Christ?

Without Jesus they have no hope in eternity.

“As long as there are those who don’t know Jesus Christ, your church must reach out and grow!  We don’t grow a church for our benefit, we grow a church because Jesus wants everyone to know Him.”

The church that doesn’t want to grow is saying, “we don’t care about you.  You can go to Hell!”

See: 2 Peter 3:9

Don’t be discouraged, don’t give up.  Keep praying, keep inviting, keep caring and keep working towards helping someone get into heaven it’s the greatest thing you can do for them.


Father, I want you to use me and our group to reach out to others for Jesus.  Help us to be concerned about those who don’t know you yet.  Help us to be consistent in praying for their salvation.  Believe you can save anyone, no one is beyond your hand of love.  So help us as a class to make plans to bring people to you.  Help us Lord not to get discouraged when people don’t initially respond but help us to keep believing and caring and sharing your Good News.  We want people in heaven because of our class.  In Jesus name we pray, Amen.