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Dr. Kenneth West Sr., Pastor


Stages of Spiritual Growth

How Disciples Grow

The Spiritual Young Adult


1. Characterizing the Spiritual Young Adult

a. Serving others with joy

b. Others-centered with humility

c. Sacrificing for others

2. The Phrase from the Stage

a. “I love my group, but there are others who need a group like this.”

b. “I think I could lead a group with a little help. I have three friends I have been witnessing to, and this group would be too big for them.”

c. “Look how many are at church today – it’s awesome! I had to walk two blocks from the closest parking spot.”

d. “Randy and Rachel missed group and I called to see if they are okay. Their kids have the flu, so maybe our group can make meals for them. I’ll start.”

e. “In my devotions, I came across something I have a question about.”

f. “I noticed that we don’t have an old folks’ visitation team. Do you think I could be involved?”

3. The Spiritual Young Adult’s Needs

a. A place to learn to serve and grow

b. A spiritual parent who will debrief with them about ministry experiences

c. Ongoing relationships that offer encouragement and accountability

d. Help for establishing boundaries

e. Guidance regarding appropriate expectations of people they will serve

f. Skills training